Friday, December 21, 2012

A Smutty Christmas - Review of "Not So Tiny Tim"

by Lise Horton

The Smutketeers are the coolest group of erotic romance writers going, and I consider myself uber fortunate that they are, as well as being cool, tremendously prolific. Just in time for Christmas came their reimagined Christmas Carol trilogy, including Not So Tiny Tim by Robin L. Rothman.

Novellas can be tough for an author to craft well-rounded and rich characters, good solid plot and conflicts, as well as sex as hot and steamy as a cup of cocoa on a long winter's night. Especially when you're talking not one pair, but a trio of lovers.

Robin's "Not So Tiny Tim" hits all the marks with its super sexy sex scenes - with a lovely dash of dominance & submission - as well as offering up nicely rounded heroes and heroine, and terrific conflict that really tugs at the heart strings.

I love the premise of long-time friends lusting from afar, and especially in Tim, she's got a great, tormented character whose reasons for resisting the loves of his life struck me especially for a personal reason I won't reveal because it would be a spoiler. Suffice it to say it makes him incredibly human.

That Robin's characters move so easily between scenes of emotion and yearning, to scenes of super hot menage sex, is also a testament to her writing skills.

For anyone who thinks erotic romance is just a bunch of sex scenes strung together, take my advice and buy the novella "Not So Tiny Tim" (Yeah, and I loved the, er, handle.....). It's got it all in a wonderfully rich package of characterization, romance, human longing, AND great sex, and it's tied up with a lovely HEA bow.

Her compatriates' stories (Eden Bradley ("Getting Scrooged") and R. G. Alexander ("Marley In Chains") ), which are interwovan by creating familial connections between Tim, Marley & Scrooge are next on my holiday banquet of hot toddies and spicy goodies, so stay tuned!