Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going Strong! Erotica & Digital

Erotic romance was the first, biggest thing with the current craze in e-books, starting with Ellora's Cave. Color me thrilled that this trend has only grown in strength with the plethora of new digital erotic romance publishers "in town"!

I succumbed to the lure of the e-book reader and bought myself a Nook, from Barnes & Noble, both because I love the store and feel that their "forward thinking" philosophy, vis a vis digital publishing, makes them a super strong player (though still, I gather from the business news, running third behind Amazon with the Kindle and Apple with the iPad and igadgets all over the place not to mention their "apps").

But since much erotic romance, especially of the shorter variety is ONLY available in e-book format, I've been wallowing in it for weeks now. I've sampled all the major publishers and even Harlequin's Spice Briefs line.

There's nothing better than a sexy little "pick me up" first thing in the morning to get my motor, ah, revving!

Let's hear it for sexy stories, the ladies (and dudes) who write them, and the many gadgets that deliver.