Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Last Virginal Experience

Welcome to my blog, Hot & Bothered. Wherein I discuss romantica, erotic romance, and erotica with other writers, and chat about the fun that we have in writing the steamy stuff.

I can't tell you how happy I am that the trend has taken this kinky turn. I never could get enough of the good stuff in the romances I was reading and now the pioneers - like Jaid Black and Bertrice Small and Thea Devine are ruling the roost.

And the publishers have learned that women like a good hot story to go with their heroes and heroines. I was going to say "as much as a man", but in fact, we like our sex a little bit more complex. After all, we want action, not just a photograph. We want conflict, complexity, personal growth and names are nice, too.

Not knocking the anonymous school girl photos or those delightful girl on girl whipped cream fests, guys, but the who, how, what, where, when, why? Kind of missing, don't you think?

So here I am. Loving the lusty, naughty, kinky, full-frontal (and rear) action of the erotic romance. Can't choose between two really excellent heroes? Guess what! There's MENAGE A TROIS! Figure that you want your lady to experience something out of this world? Sci-Fi Sex, ladies and germs!

So, here's where I'll contemplate the erotic romance writer's life. The ins and outs (sorry, couldn't resist) of writing this hot, hot, hot romance. The envelopes that can be pushed and the boundaries that can't be crossed.

And how to make sure that the prose doesn't turn purple, that nothing untoward is quivering, or heaving, or throbbing. That the sex doesn't take over the plot and that my characters are real, human, sexy and genuine.

Care to join me? Nothing sexier than a crowd, after's called....